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The Story 📕

Tim and Bash is a new online series about a firefighter who adopts the world's most adorable dragon... and biggest pain in the neck.

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We have been releasing this

as a webcomic since

December 2022...


...whilst developing a collection of live-action videos which we started releasing on YouTube and Tiktok on October 6th 2023!


🔥 The Vision 🎬

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🎨 The Creators 🖌

We are two artists in the animation and VFX industry who met at University in 2011. We have a vision to set up our own animation studio based in the UK, and are excited to launch our first

project 'Tim and Bash'.


Daniel Crook 
Comic Designer


"Over the last 8 years I've been blessed to work on some big feature films including SOnic 2, SPace Jam 2, and the BAFTA award-winning Klaus.

Tim and Bash is my passion project - to fulfil my dream of both bringing a completely original story to life, as well as the childhood fantasy of owning a pet dragon..." 


Andy Bashforth
VFX Supervisor

"After Spending most of my professional career working as a lecturer in animation and VFX at Teesside University,

I'm excited to begin creating this original project. I''m leading the VFX for the live-action Tim and Bash series for YouTube and Tiktok, and I can't wait for you to see what we've been working on!" 

The Cast

Tim Northcott


Former volunteer firefighter Tim Northcott was the inspiration for the design of the comic, and he’s going to play Tim in our live-action series too! We really wanted someone who looked like they could tackle a blaze, and Tim has very much been there, done that, and worn the fire suit. That experience has been a great guide for us in creating a believable character. 

The sound team 🎵


Markus Zierhofer


Gabriel Gallardo Alarcon
Sound Design

Our animation is brought to life by our incredible  sound team! Their ability to produce exceptional work on a rapid production schedule is outstanding. 

👇Find out more about our sound team here 👇

Our values ❤

We are both Christian artists and it is our ambition to create wholesome content that is uplifting. We want to tell stories of all forms, to be able to explore drama with conviction and integrity and to produce comedy that can be outrageous as well as compassionate and inclusive.

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