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We need your support!


Looking after a baby dragon is pretty expensive and time consuming. We would love to do this full time and build a larger team so we can deliver bigger and and better episodes than ever before! We have so much planned for this amazing project, and you can help us achieve it!

Read below to see how you can support us!


Becoming a member of our Patreon is an incredible way to support us financially while also gaining fantastic rewards for yourself! The rewards include merch discounts, behind-the-scenes content and exclusive

1-to-1 conversations with us!

Check it out here.


If you're not interested in a recurring donation but would still like to support us financially with a one off gift, then this is the option for you!


Click here to buy Bash a Dragon treat.

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If you're not able to support us financially but would still like to help, then please consider sharing our social media posts online and help spread the fun of Tim and Bash with as many people as possible!

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